How To Remove Blackheads Without Poisonous Chemicals

How To Remove Blackheads Without Poisonous Chemicals

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Blackheads are an unsightly and sometimes painful combination of skin debris and oil clogging our pores. Don’t get too freaked out, they aren’t black because of dirt. That’s just the color that skin becomes when it oxidizes. Whiteheads occur for the same reason. People typically get blackheads on their noses and chins.

Many kinds of skin care products don’t fix but exacerbate the problem of blocked pores. The best way to prevent blackheads is to wash your face thoroughly every day to remove buildup of oil and skin.

If you have blackheads, don’t pick at them or scrub your face too hard. That can make the problem worse and may cause infection. Check out the video below that goes over the process of removing blackheads naturally.

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