This Annoying Little Weed Is One Of The Most Useful Herbal Remedies

This Annoying Little Weed Is One Of The Most Useful Herbal Remedies

Pulling weeds totally stinks, but it’s one of those things we all have to do sometime. I’m sure you’ve pulled this one out of your yard more times than you can count. But did you know that this tough little weed is one of the strongest medicines on the planet? Wow!

Plantains come in two major varieties in BC, Canada: Broadleaf and Lance, although there are more than 200 varieties of plantain that yield similar results. It grows in similar conditions as dandelions, in rocky, poor soils. Often times, you’ll find them in gravel pits or in driveways. The plantain was first brought to North America by Europeans. The Native Americans called the plantain the “White Man’s Foot,” in an observation that where the white man went, so arrived the plantain.

Plantains have some pretty incredible medicinal uses. Did you know they are a good remedy for mosquito bites? Plantains are astringent in nature and draw toxins from the skin. If you’ve been stung by a bee, bitten buy a bug, have acne, or just about any other skin ailment, crushed plantains placed as a poultice over the skin can bring relief. Just bandage the skin for 4-12 hours and let it do its thing.

It’s also been noted to help with hemorrhoids. Ouch.

It’s also known to help people whose digestive system has been damaged by medications, Celiac disease and food allergies. The leaves can be made into a tea, added to food, or even made into chips.

The plantain is truly an amazing plant for the human body, treating a variety of health problems. Even if you don’t have any health problems, they’re good in salads, stir fries, you name it! This vegetable will keep you fighting-fit for the rest of your days.

Image credit: F. D. Richards, Flickr

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